I'm a born and bred Brooklyn girl who left New York to go to college in Boston. While majoring in business, I somehow found myself drawn to all things visual and began to develop my interest in photography. I borrowed cameras until I landed a job in the well-known Strawberries Record Stores. In the 70's, if you loved rock and roll, that was a coveted place to work. A few months in, I was able to buy my first 35mm camera. At Strawberries, I was fortunate to attended amazing rock performances. My early black & white photos of Blondie and Rod Stewart are some of my favorites. After college, my photography took a back seat as I began my marketing career in Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

During that time, I moved 18 times and started a family. They became the focus of all my photography.

Flash forward 20 plus years, I'm cleaning up my basement and what do I find? The original 35mm negatives of my rock and roll portraits in pristine glassine envelopes! Even though I had been shooting pictures all along, the rediscovery of these photos brought resurgence in my passion for capturing a visual statement and isolating a moment in time.

Now I love to shoot on the street and on the go. Black and white photography will always be my first love but I cannot resist a moment that is colorful and edgy. I am drawn to life with all its beauty, joy and imperfections and revel in those moments when humour and fun are captured along the way.

Janet Samuels, 2017